Kanye West Opens Up About Plan to "Re-Think" the Music Industry

September 24, 2020

After waging a one-man war against music industry practices for the past week on Twitter, Kanye West has opened up to Billboard about his plans to reform music contracts. West requested the exclusive interview be conducted through an intermediary by text, but his identity was confirmed via video. While the rapper's goal personally is to get the rights to his master recordings from Universal Music Group, he told Billboard, "The desired effect will only be achieved when every artist owns their masters. I’m Team 'Free Artists.' I’m committed to doing whatever is necessary so artists own their own copyrights." In fact, on Wednesday, West announced on Twitter that he would be giving his own G.O.O.D Music artists back the 50 percent share he has of their masters. He went on to explain in the interview, "You only need to look back to the early days of the record companies and see how predatory they were. Old execs admit it. The contracts are almost the same now. The shape, the terminology... And yet, in that time we moved to a completely digital age." West added, You have to adapt. You can’t have old rules for new games. No other business in the world would suggest you don’t adapt to a completely new supply chain and income sources."